Monday, June 11, 2007

Off To San Francisco

I'm headed for San Francisco this week to the wedding (Saturday) of my good friend's daughter. Interesting, because Friday (15th) is our 33rd wedding anniversary. Not sure what, if anything, we will do special. For the past 15 years we have spent our wedding anniversaries at our son's baseball games. At least this is a little different. I am toying with the idea of visiting my boss--who works in SF and whose office is actually just 10 blocks from our hotel. I could take Char along. Probably not too romantic, though. What do you think?

Anyone have a good suggestion for me? If you're a guy, what would you do? And if you're a woman, what would you like?

One of my goals for this trip is to take everything I need in one carry-one bag--suit, shoes, extra clothes--everything. Can it be done? The last time I was successful in taking everything I needed in one suitcase (or bag, actually) was in 1972 when I spent six months in Europe. I didn't have anything more than what amounted to a large purse! But since then, I've never quite been successful in getting everything I need into one carry-on.

One excursion we will be making is to the Napa Valley, albeit for a day (Thursday). It will be my first time there and I'm looking forward to it, although I realize that our efforts to see the valley will be truncated by our time restriction. Still, I'm hoping for a neat discovery of some kind.

Check in to see what we're up to Friday through Saturday. I'll let you know of anything worth putting in your "Book of Places to Visit," and watch for any ideas you may have.


Anonymous said...

unless you have a death wish, stay away from visiting Alcatraz on your anniversary. Char might read something more into that one.... LOL!

ask your boss or friend about a quaint, quiet local restaurant, with a great view in a safe area. A wonderful dinner with local specialties, a bottle or two of great wine and share a dessert. Surely there must be something that fits that bill, and get your waiter/waitress to take a few pics for the scrapbook!

have a great time!

Aimee and Dave xo

m-dog said...

Hi Joe - If you have time and access, consider heading 12 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods for a hike. Crowded on weekends, but on the plus side, there's a shuttle.

Or, consider a bicycle day-trip on through wine country. Our friends put together a trip through Wine Country Bikes (based in Healdsburg) last year (without us!!) and raved. They also enjoyed the affordable but delicious fare at Healdsburg Bar & Grill.

Enjoy, and have a very Happy Anniversary!


meredith wolf said...
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